Discount Las Vegas Vacations

Feeling lucky? Although Las Vegas is home to luxurious spas, quirky museums, fabulous shopping, and spectacular shows, Sin City will always be known for its lively casinos and round-the-clock gambling scene. Appropriately so, as this city, visited by 37.5 million people each year, is often billed as The Entertainment Capital of the World.

A favorite destination for 21st birthdays and bachelor/bachelorette parties, Vegas features 100+ options for gambling and partying. From laid-back wine bars to raging nightclubs, you’ll dream of a day longer than 24 hours in the hopes of seeing it all. A mecca for young 20-somethings, Vegas tends to feel like a larger than life playground for adults.

In addition to being a gambling hot spot, Vegas is noted for its many dining options, diverse music scene, and risqué attractions such as the Erotic Heritage Museum or the Las Vegas Mob Experience exhibit. But the best part about Sin City isn’t the gambling, the nightlife, or the many available activities. No, the greatest thing about Vegas is how little you’ll have to shell out to stay here.

You might spend all of your vacation cash – and then some – in the casino, but your Vegas accommodation will hardly break the bank. With just-off-the-strip casino hotels starting at $16 per night, and rooms at five-star resorts rarely topping $200 per night, a trip to Vegas can cater to travel budgets large and small, with plenty left over for a few rounds of poker or a run at the slot machines.

So bring your luckiest apparel, closest friends, and the knowledge that what happens in Vegas really does stay here. By the end of your trip, you’ll be glad it does!