The Very Fine View From A Really Cheap Seat!

Welcome to the not-so-friendly skies when it comes to airline ticket pricing. Welcome aboard to the game of airline yield management that is not your friend. Do reread that last sentence again. It’s not a level playing field. Want to travel across the country for business, or perhaps vacation in Europe or Asia?  How do you source the best price, itinerary and airline that will really meet your needs?

Well, if you are the average traveler, good luck with that.  And we are all very much average when it comes to trying to navigate airline fare systems and fast-changing pricing. If you want a cheap seat, whether in the front or the back of plane, check in with, the internet pioneer that long ago changed how travelers bought air tickets. And importantly, how savvy passengers pay way less for a seat in the sky.


Within the online travel market talk is often cheap.  With so many travel websites bombarding travelers with promises of discounts, it is hard to sort genuine discounts from empty promises and wild goose chases around the internet to source real deals.  At transparency is very apparently king.  This leading travel website doesn’t have annoying pop-up windows sending you to partner websites.  Right there, that is meaningful as it saves smart travelers time. Other travel websites send you to their affiliated websites, then receive a slice of the air ticket commission, should you make a purchase. Bam! There goes the fourth wall.

I’m a massive fan of simply plugging in a destination: when I would like to fly and also indicating what sort of cheap seat I want, which could be premium economy, business or the very back of the plane, depending on budget. And for last minute travelers, on the fly, who wants to pay a sky high price for booking at the last minute? Crickets! The ability to simply pull the trigger, last minute, on the spot, done and dusted, is refreshing.  Less is always more, most especially when it comes to saving on air travel.


Land at and test fly their ticket prices and ease of use. offer heavily discounted air in four classes of service: first, business, premium economy and economy. Keeping it simple and offering real deals on air tickets I like a lot.  Stroll on board happily knowing you got one of the cheap seats, the very best way to fly. Let us know what deals you found, I always love the very fine view from a really cheap seat.