Valentine’s Day Is Coming, Get Your Heavily Discounted Hotel Room Now!

Just when you are heaving a sigh of relief the holiday season is over, another holiday is just around the corner, perhaps with greater expectations. Yes folks, V Day is approaching, so gird your loins and together let’s make it fabulous this year.

Perfume is lovely, fragrance is lovely, and, yes, there is a dif. Flowers are OK, if you haven’t an original thought in your head! Scratchy polyester lingerie in that special shade of Trollop Black and Red just doesn’t cut the mustard with some gals. Ditto with leather thongs for men. Let’s think outside the box!

Avoid the disappointment of an over-blown, over-priced bunch of Ecuadorian roses!
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Here are a few suggestions for a Valentine’s Day retreat that will have you smelling like roses with your sweetheart. DiscountHotels has a wide range of hotels, lodges and resorts in all of these destinations, that are of course, heavily discounted.

Best Places For Sexy Time!

Las Vegas, USA.

Las Vegas image

Verbier, Switzerland.


Negril, Jamaica.

Negril Rock House Image

Lake Louise, Canada.


Best Places To Propose

Bora Bora, French Polynesia.


Catalina Island, USA.


Bali, Indonesia.

bali image

Lake Como, Italy.

lake como


Best Places Off The Beaten Path

Scottish Highlands, UK.


Glover’s Atoll, Belize.


Big Sur, USA.

big sur image

Death Valley, USA.

death valley image

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