Your Best Spring Break: Off the Beaten Path

It’s no surprise you’re looking to escape the hegemony of drunken undergrads during this year’s Spring Break. Perhaps the crowds, the noise, and the questionable antics just aren’t your cup of tea. Perhaps they were (no judgement), but you’re looking for something a little more relaxing this year. Or perhaps you and your family just want a quiet escape from winter’s frigid clutches.

Whatever your reasons, these five, fabulous destinations will certainly hit the spot with their unique charms and, you guessed it, peace and quite.

Tulum, Rivieria Maya, Mexico

your best spring break off the beaten path tulum mexico

Two hours south of riotous Cancún lies the quieter sands of Tulum. Known for its stunning beaches and mysterious ruins, Tulum is the perfect combination of relaxation and adventure. With plenty of beachside resorts and spas, you’ll be able to unwind in the lap of luxury after exploring the ancient Mayan cities within nearby jungles.

The Grand Canyon, AZ

your best spring break off the beaten path grand canyon

Most of the Grand Canyon’s 5 million annual visitors drop by during the steamy summer months, and then quickly escape to the nearest spot of shade. With the milder temperatures of spring comes the opportunity to skip the crowds and hike down into and within the basin of this natural world wonder. The gentler weather is also great for families with small children, who may not enjoy the heat of the summer months. But hurry, once May begins, temperatures in the canyon regularly reach triple digits until September!

Yosemite National Park, CA

your best spring break off the beaten path yosemite national park

Though many of California’s national parks close during the winter and early spring months, Yosemite, with its breath-taking sequoias and spectacular waterfalls, stays open all year round. If you’re not afraid of a little melting snow during your hikes, you’ll be well rewarded by its effects on the falls, which grow fuller and wilder with the runoff. And with only a small fraction of the annual visitors to contend with during this quite time of year, you’ll have the unique opportunity to experience the true peacefulness of nature.

Kiawah Island, SC

your best spring break off the beaten path kiawah island

20 miles from historic Charleston lies the charming calm of Kiawah Island. Home to a renowned golf course and plenty of nature preserves to hike in and canoe through, this small resort town has fun opportunities for the entire family. Whether you prefer beaches or butterfly hikes, par fours or private spas, you’ll surely leave the island feeling blissfully refreshed.

Treasure Beach, Jamaica

your best spring break off the beaten path treasure beach jamaica

Two hours away from it’s more popular cousin, Negril, lies the much more peaceful, and arguably prettier, Treasure Beach. Its beaches are peppered with casual shacks rather than rowdy tourists, and nearby lie quiet coves, mineral springs, waterfalls, and scenic cliffs that are all begging to be hiked.