Cathedral City: A Historic Town With Loads Of Mojo, Perfect For Coachella 2016.

​Coachella 2016 will soon be calling her siren song, so listen up, hipsters! Cathedral City is a wonderful hidden town that has flown under the radar for longest time, the sort of place where everyone knows your name, in a charming way. It’s small, with loads of verve and has so much to offer travelers who heart eclectic and left of center. It’s smack in in the middle of the California desert, very visible, yet perhaps hidden. Open your eyes to Cathedral City, Palm Springs move over!

Savvy, clued-in insiders know this is a fab vacation destination for historic home tours, art festivals, remarkable hiking, food truck/farmer’s market weekends, incredible restaurants with an emphasis on totally authentic, ethnic cuisines and affordable hotels /resorts. We like the last part a lot. Why spring for spendy Coachella digs, get your groove on for less in a place less traveled.

Our tip for a well-situated, value hotel or resort for Coachella 2016 is Cathedral City, which is located mid-way in the desert valley making it an unbeatable location close, but not too close to Coachella.  And at the end of a hard day’s night, that can be a very good thing.

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